What We Offer

What We Offer

Believe it or not, all churches are not the same! If your idea has been “a church is a church is a church”, then let us challenge your thinking. This church is different. The greatest single difference between this congregation and many other churches in our area is that we are striving to be the New Testament church. We truly want to be a church of Christ. Our organization, work, and worship are patterned after the ideals stated in the New Testament. Most modern-day churches are not at all interested in being a first-century church in the twenty-first century. They are more concerned with what people desire in a church instead of what God wants.

All around us are churches who have resorted to gimmickry and gadgetry to add to their numbers. Rather than “holding fast the word of life” (Phil. 2:16, NASB) they offer the public food, fun, and frolic. Their programs turn their churches into Country Clubs or  sports arenas. Is this what the Savior of the church had in mind when He announced His plans (Matt. 16:18) to build His church? The New Testament reveals a noble, spiritual design.

Our offer to the community is quite straightforward and simple. We offer the Gospel of Christ and its message of salvation (Rom. 1:16,17). In today’s religious atmosphere, that makes this congregation unique! The Gospel has always drawn sincere people to Jesus. If entertainment, recreation, social events or political activism is what someone is looking for in a church, then they will not be interested in what we are offering. They might give us an initial look, but they will not stick around here for very long. Nearly every week someone tries us on and realizes we do not “fit” them.

If people are searching for a church that will challenge them to grow spiritually by faithful teaching of the word of god, then this church will fit them well.

This is why the we do not have a Family Life Center or a gymnasium. It is also the reason why we do not offer prizes for attendance, sponsor ball teams, cook barbecue, or operate a daycare. These kinds of things are simply out of place in a New Testament church. The Lord’s church wasn’t designed by Him for these things.

If someone is looking for a church to fill their social calendar, then we are not the place for them. If they are wanting a pulpit that will be devoted to a discussion of current political issues, then our Gospel sermons and Bible teaching will not appeal to them. We make no apology for this. We simply recognize that we are not everyone’s cup of tea. We wish we did appeal to everyone who visits with us, but the reality is we are not attractive to everyone we meet.

However, if people are searching for a church that will challenge them to grow spiritually by faithful teaching of the word of God, then this church will fit them well. If they are looking for fellowship with God through worship, Bible study and interaction with other saved people, then we are the place for them. We are “not ashamed of the gospel” (Rom. 1:16, NASB) so we continue to preach this primitive message to our fashionable generation. We realize this emphasis makes us rather quaint in the landscape of contemporary churches. Some will say, “You folks remind me of the way church was when I was a kid.” Others will find us quite boring, unexciting, and uninspiring.

Our aim is not to please men, but God. If that goal appeals to you, then, in the words of Moses to his Midianite brother-in-law, “come with us and we will do you good” (Numbers 10:29, NASB)